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In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.
TriTech provides innovative, comprehensive public safety solutions for law enforcement, fire and EMS industries through its integrated, multi-agency suite of public safety applications.
05-44 (4/4/05), issued by the Department of Taxation (DOT), provides a practical perspective on that state's sales and use tax treatment of computer software.
The ability of the iSCSI protocol to scale to the Internet provides a standard way to implement remote mirroring of SAN storage, enabling disaster recovery plans to be implemented.
132(d) provides an exclusion for any property or service provided to an employee to the extent that, if the employee paid for the property or service, such payment would be allowable as a deduction under Sec.
Being part of the PFS community also provides a means to network with other experienced CPA financial planners.
Termination benefits, as discussed in paragraph 3, are different in nature from the salaries and benefits, including postemployment benefits, that an employer provides as compensation for employee services.
For good reason: tape is fast and reliable, and provides huge capacity options at the best price point of any storage technology available today.
The ACSA provides a simple and relatively hassle-free method of acquiring goods or services from other countries' militaries on a reciprocal basis, with repayment by exchange or cash.
received a $40,000 grant to provide food and housing for homeless veterans enrolled in Club Vet, a program that provides employment support services so that veterans can live independently and find gainful employment.
An accurate medical information database provides reporting opportunities that increase the cooperation between the health center and nonmedical staff.
The value that PIMA provides is in the training events for industry leaders to stay aware of the business environment and learn leadership skills in specific and useful areas of management.

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