providing sanctuary

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A few months ago in the Senate, two Republicans joined with Democrats in blocking consideration of the bill outlawing policies providing sanctuary for certain undocumented immigrants.
Britain has a centuries-long tradition of providing sanctuary and welcome to those fleeing from persecution on the continent and beyond, this is part of the essence of our national culture.
We believe the people of Wales, with their proud history of providing sanctuary to those in need, are similarly moved.
Shahidullah Shahid in an interview in Waziristan, the Taliban's main tribal sanctuary in Pakistan along the Afghan border, said that the Afghan Taliban was also providing sanctuary to militants in Afghanistan.
The authorities are desirous of hiding the fact that the country is providing sanctuary to a bunch of Nazis.
Instead, we have an administration in Washington that is providing de facto amnesty for people like Martinez-Perez, and local governments in Nebraska and across the country providing sanctuary to illegal aliens.
If we continue to do nothing about the backlog left by decades of failure, our efforts to protect the safety of our own neighbourhoods while providing sanctuary to those who need it will be hampered.
Earlier this month border guards from the two countries, which have blamed each other for providing sanctuary to militant groups, clashed at their disputed border on the Durand Line.
Stephen Wylie has spent almost seven years providing sanctuary and care for larger dogs, such as German Shepherds, rottweilers and cross-breeds, languishing in pounds and shelters.
Turkey is also providing sanctuary to rebel forces made up of army defectors in a separate camp where security is tighter.
Youssef further called on Juba to stop providing sanctuary to Darfur rebel groups and sever its ties with the SPLA's ninth and tenth divisions which, according to Khartoum, make up the army of the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) that is fighting Sudanese forces in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.
Turkey is providing sanctuary to more than 16,000 Syrians who have fled the violence in their homeland, has given shelter to soldiers from the rebel Free Syrian Army, and allows the Syrian opposition to meet regularly in Istanbul.