provisional hypothesis

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Working in his study at Down House (see Figure 1), Darwin added several unique touches to the explanations for the source of variation and mechanism of inheritance available at the time and proposed what he called the provisional hypothesis of pangenesis (1868b, 1875).
Darwin, in his work on "Animals and Plants under Domestication," has modestly described Pangenesis as a provisional hypothesis, which might be useful until a better one should be brought forward.
As we have seen, Darwin was desperate to protect and defend his provisional hypothesis of pangenesis.
It is possible for researchers to make the provisional hypothesis that language and family values are generally important in the ethnic identity of Mexican Americans.
William James also offered a provisional hypothesis on religion for his investigation of religious experience in the Varieties.
James's idea of a religious acquiescence to the world under spiritual direction and adjusting ourselves to that spiritual leadership is continuous with his later assertions on how religion affects the individual's notion of personal destiny, but it is also where James differs from his provisional hypothesis.
The result is often that a provisional hypothesis intended to guide observation and analysis becomes instead an ironclad conclusion that weeds out or ignores contravening evidence.

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