provisional measure

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You can provide security provisional measure reduced by 50% in accordance with Article 75, paragraph 7, of Legislative Decree no.
The statement added: "The deputy chairman warned Mr Beckenbauer a repetition or continuation of the conduct which led to the imposition of the provisional measure might give rise to further sanctions - including new provisional measures.
The deputy chairman warned Mr Beckenbauer that a repetition or continuation of the conduct that led to the imposition of the provisional measure might give rise to further sanctions, including new provisional measures," Fifa said in a statement.
There is a term called provisional measure and we're looking into that (as a possible response from the UN).
On 13 March, the Public Prosecution informed that it launched a pre-criminal procedure concerning the case Aktor and that it passed the provisional measure of blocking the assets and accounts of two firms run by this company in Macedonia.
3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As it approaches a vote in the Senate, the amendment altering the provisional measure MP 615, seeking to ensure transparency in national sports, won the support of the private sector during the Forum Nacional do Esporte [National Sports Forum], last Friday, August 30, in Sao Paulo.
Although, owing to the application of the presumption of innocence, the Ethics Commission cannot take any final decision on the situation of Messrs Kalmadi, Verma and Bhanot, it must however recommend a provisional measure to protect the reputation of the Olympic Movement regarding all three men, meaning their suspension from all functions within the Olympic Movement and in particular, the IOA until the final decision by the competent court in India," it said.
In the current business year, this fee arrangement has been maintained as a provisional measure.
Abstract: In the last days of 2011, President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff issued a provisional measure (or draft law) entitled "National Surveillance and Monitoring Registration System for the Prevention of Maternal Mortality" (MP 557), as part of a new maternal health programme.
The provisional measure is designed to help insurance firms cope with the impact of the European-debt crisis.
On January 19, the Rede Nacional Feminista de Saude, Direitos Sexuais e Direitos Reprodutivos of Brazil presented a position paper on Provisional Measure No.
The ministry plans to maintain the conversion service for the owners of analog-format television sets as a provisional measure after Japan terminates analog-based TV broadcasts completely in July 2011.

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