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Hence, the obtained answer is only of provisory nature; however, based on it, the officers, having specified the value of the aforementioned parameter, may already come to certain conclusions.
of man and his world is provisory, temporary, non-definitive,
Those who support the quota system, such as Minister of Education Cristovam Buarque, do so largely from a "fairness" standpoint but acknowledge that it is, at best, "a provisory measure to resolve a moral problem.
What it (the ever recurring need to restitution, the rendering of what is due) means," Pieper wrote, "is, rather, that the fundamental condition of man and his world is provisory, temporary, non-definitive, tentative, as is proved by the 'patchwork' character of all historical activity, and that, consequently, any claim to erect a definitive and unalterable order in the world must of necessity lead to something inhuman.
Thus, in Alberto Moravia's Il conformista, the protagonist Marcello's imagined, inferred and longed-for normalcy, far from subsisting as a pure concept in an ideal realm of unchanging thought, is likewise provisory, unstable and differential; normalcy serves the realist novel as an undecidable.
00 (b),(c) Abbreviations: ADI, acceptable daily intake; MTDI, maximum tolerable daily intake; PTMDI, provisory tolerable maximum daily intake; pTDI, provisional tolerable daily intake; TDI, tolerable daily intake.
Hence, one of the most intriguing aspects of the Silone case is the provisory nature of the responses it provokes.
Although partial and provisory, this conception still provides a key for selecting and classifying empirical indicators of metropolisation and for applying them to Warsaw.
The ego is an ego only insofar as it is a "coming-into-being" (2), an unstable result of the oscil lation between those two sub-stages, and--as a provisory synthesis of this dialectical movement always at play--can find its "place" only in an alienating identity.
Due to the fact that the reorganisation of dioceses in the East had been considered since 1945 as a provisory structure, the Catholic Church envisaged from 1990 a new diocesan map, which would not concern itself exclusively with the East.