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The new Provoke for rats contains a unique blend of scents that Norway and roof rats find irresistible.
In fact sexologists believe a helping of Madras could well provoke a mad dash - to the bedroom.
23) and "let us consider [katanoomen] how to provoke one another to love and good deeds" (v.
The catch for people living with MS is that no one knows which of the 200-odd cold viruses provoke an MS attach.
Superficial attempts provoke superficial responses.
But that is Hartman's purpose, to provoke us to test her insights against current research.
Did the Civil Partnership Act help to provoke these attacks?
It should be remembered that this is hardly the only recent example of an Anglo-American campaign to provoke a war.
I'm sometimes a little hazy about why they became so upset, as I can't see why anything I've said should provoke sudden violence.
Researchers have long known that immune cells derived from bone marrow provoke an infection-stopping inflammatory response in skin wounds.
He was scared his nasty put-downs at auditions for the X Factor would provoke violence.
Would a Kerry Administration rein in military adventurism and restore some sense of security to a country seemingly determined to provoke more and more resentment around the globe, making us more of a target for further terrorist attacks?