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degree of harm against the perceived provoker, and (c) any harm
Unlike Lucille Christian, Sue is the central figure of this book, the provoker of actions from which consequences follow.
The provoker was ostensibly another boy in another room who competed with the subject on a reaction-time task.
Pietersen responded, as presumably his provoker intended, after being pictured on the front page of the Brisbane-based Courier Mail walking alone and wearing earphones as England arrived at the airport.
But when Ajaz confronted him, he counter blamed the matter on Sofia and called her an instigator and provoker of spats in the house.
Although half of architectural space of CHESHMEH EMARAT garden has ruined during the centuries but the structural entity of its building, as the sole remaining palace of SAFAVIDS, is a glorious memorial always regarded by citizens as a national honor and provoker of sensational-patriotic pride for themselves and the region.
97) Reviewing the history of provocation defenses, Professor Dressler points out, "All of the common law forms of 'adequate provocation' have one thing in common; they all involve unlawful conduct by the provoker.
Tyramine, for example, a chemical produced in foods from the natural breakdown of the amino acid tyrosine, is widely viewed as a migraine provoker.
While he was a significant philosophical thought provoker, it was his practicality that inspired a clear and concise decisiveness.
In The Angry Marriage you will learn how to reclaim the love in your relationship by discovering: how to identify which of the six angry "lovestyles" best describes you--venter, provoker, displacer, enactor, symbolizer, or suppresser; how to decode complaints so that you can unearth the real but hidden sources of your and your spouse's anger; how to confront and conquer the invisible, angry marriage that is locked inside your relationship; how to replace even the greatest anger with compassion and goodwill using a new language of love.
8) Moreover, the common law doctrine required that the rage of the provoked killer be directed at the person engaging in the unlawfully provocative conduct - the killer had no defense if, in his rage, he killed someone other than the actual provoker.