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When he awoke, provokingly rich pieces of his dream still spun slowly round in his head; he rubbed his eyes, then stared into the moon-dusk.
Is science really so divorced from the humanities, or intelligence from goodness, as McEwan provokingly suggests?
Each group provokingly chanted praise of their respective leaders, mainly mentioning Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri and head of the Reform and Change Bloc Michel Aoun, AN NAHAR said.
While Katrina Van Tassel, a natural coquette, dons "the tempting stomacher of the olden time; and withal a provokingly short petticoat, to display the prettiest foot and ankle in the country around" (278), Eula Varner's brother Jody forces her to wear corsets to rein in her overly voluptuous body.
Hence, in a way, her innocence was provokingly original.
Do you think the US would send naval vessels out to provokingly sail close to Iranian ships?
This interpretation would address the modal auxiliary, poised as it is between possibility and probability, its emphasis provokingly indeterminate between these degrees of certainty.
These movements were by definition against the status quo, and this meant that in Europe they were directed against the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman empires, and against British and French governments whenever these showed alarm at the consequences of revolution--or more provokingly still, extended their own empires in Africa or Asia.
Levin boldly and provokingly goes into the lairs and radio studios of neo-Nazis and prison yards where both the African-American and white supremacist factions buy what's in the book.
In an early draft of the novel, Nick Carraway makes an interesting observation about Gatsby: "He was provokingly elusive and what he was intrinsically 'like' I'm powerless to say.
Despite Roh's direct criticism of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi for paying homage to war criminals, Koizumi is provokingly calm, requesting cool-headed approaches from both sides.