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Prowess is a national alliance of 300 organisations which support about 100,000 women a year to start and grow businesses.
What better place than Cardiff and Wales for Prowess to choose to host a UK-wide discussion about women in business and the opportunities to develop appropriate support mechanisms?
In a biting satire of student life in higher education today, Wolfe describes, with relentless detail, a debauched culture drenched in alcohol, sex, and play, where athletic prowess is king, and fraternity boys while away the days and nights boozing and notching new sexual conquests.
This follows from prowess, reflecting on manifestly imprudent decisions to sacrifice learning, networking and connectivity for the sake of a trivial sack of coins.
Now, it's time for their mental prowess to catch up, according to Dr.
It isn't only students benefiting from the county's videoconferencing prowess.
Fraud litigation experts at Philippsohn Crawfords Berwald, a British law firm, have issued a warning about the increasing prowess of Internet fraudsters in exploiting technology for means of extortion.
When Stephen, the younger brother, was diagnosed with the fatal disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, at age 29, Jamie quit his job as a mechanical engineer and transformed himself into a genetics expert in an effort to find a cutting-edge therapy that could save his brother's life, Weiner, a science writer who won a Pulitzer prize for his last book, Beak of the Finch, learned of the Heywoods and became immersed in their lives, employing his reporter's prowess to aid Jamie's research.
To quantify the power, strength and prowess of some of the world's most impressive animals, the experts have turned to the strength and durability of metal castings.
This emphasis on violence in Singleton's film is odd since Shaft's reputation is built on the legend of his sexual prowess.
Plus, customers don't need to have a lot of technical prowess to use the products--they are simple to set up and maintain, which makes their industry leading prices even more attractive.
Our flag will continue to be soiled until, as Zinn suggests, we seek respect from the world for our dedication to human rights rather than our military prowess and begin to consider all children everywhere as our own.