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The Equinoxe[R] proximal humerus locking plate was developed to restore the anatomy of the native shoulder, incorporating contours that correspond to the lateral humerus to increase fit and stability.
side arm distal one-way valve and three-way stopcock, silicone hemostatic valve at the proximal end of the cross, funnel-shaped longitudinal section of the proximal end T-shirts (just behind valve) - 150 pcs.
After receiving approval from the Research Ethics Board, we retrospectively reviewed 137 consecutive patients who underwent repair of proximal hypospadias from January 1998 and December 2006.
According to Samsung, this acquisition of Proximal Data will enable it to enhance its competence in SSD-based software for server systems.
Histological structure of proximal convoluted tubules is preserved.
Our study provides strong evidence that colonoscopy is an effective technique for preventing cancers of both distal and proximal regions of the colorectum, while sigmoidoscopy alone is insufficient for preventing proximal cancer," the researcher said.
Multiple fistulas originating from proximal part of LAD and CX are clearly seen CX--circumflex artery, LAD--left anterior descending artery
The built-up layer of glue creates a physical barrier that helps protect the proximal nail fold against the patient's mindless repetitive picking, and promotes self-awareness of the tic habit, said Dr.
He was a multiple-injured case with closed fractures of femoral shaft and proximal phalanx of left second finger.
Metallothionein isoform 3 and proximal tubule vectorial active transport.
w] where W [subset or equal to] B and for any proximal neighbourhood K of [phi](A), its inverse image, [phi]-1(K) is a proximal neighbourhood of A i.