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A marked periosteal reaction was also present, which extended proximally to the joint.
When central metapodials of peccaries fuse, they usually do so proximally first and might not fuse at the distal end.
Distal nerves were represented as individual fascicles or distinct fascicular groups and traced through sequential tissue sections to ultimately be outlined in proximal nerve sections; however, fascicular plexusing limited our ability to trace all individual fascicles proximally beyond the branching point of the tibial and common fibular nerves in all specimens.
By gradually flattening the angle between the needle shaft and the skin, while keeping the needle inserted at the entry point, the perforations were done along the course of line OP, from the entry point proximally to line PR.
A crevicular incision from the midline with a buccal release was extended to the left proximally to No.
Skin lesions vary in size (3), typically affecting the lower extremities, but unlike erythema nodosum, they may migrate proximally over the arms and the trunk.
The "morphology" of existential spatiality is defined by "circumspective concern" which decides as to the closeness and farness of what is proximally ready-to-hand environmentally.
The likely obstacles of this method involve the technical difficulties in reaching the proximally located branches and leaving them unoccluded.
Orientation of greater trochanter extends straight proximally tip is curved medially 29.
The scalenus anterior muscle pulls the lateral portion of the first rib proximally and posteriorly and the scalenus medius muscle pulls the medial portion of the first rib proximally and medially.
abudi: the chela manus of the adult male is incrassate and the fingers strongly curved proximally (fixed finger curved dorsally, movable finger curved ventrally), such that only the distal portion of the fingers connect and a distinctive gap is present between them proximally, when closed (Fig.
The types of occlusion of the trach tube that caused malposition included trach tube too short proximally or cuff in the stoma, or trach tube too short distally.