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Proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, and ash analysis of STP and raw materials (%db, dry basis) 220[degrees]C Proximate analysis, % db Ash 63.
The results in Table 4 show that there was a progressive decrease in the ash content as the biomass increases, since coal has higher ash content than the biomass as seen in the results of the proximate analysis of the materials.
4] Methods of test for coal and coke, Part II Proximate analysis, Indian Standard, IS 1350 (Part II)--1970 and reaffirmed in 1991.
It is further segmented based on testing types, namely: Pathogen Testing, Fats and Oils Analysis, Feed Ingredient Analysis, Metal and Mineral Analysis, Proximate Analysis, Nutrition Labelling and more and feed type, namely: Pet Food, Equine Feeds, Fish Feeds, Poultry Feeds and Dairy Feed.
Proximate analysis showed that Samnut10 seeds treated with 10mM contained highest moisture content of 21.
Table 2 presents the ultimate and proximate analysis of Huadian oil shale semicoke samples obtained at different retorting temperatures, Figure 3 shows their ignition temperatures recorded using a Leitz II-A heatable stage microscope with a high definition video camera (Leica Inc.
The rice flours were analyzed for percentage proximate analysis and mineral element content.
The proximate analysis as determined indicated that the protein content of broiler starter (22.
The proximate analysis of the powdered samples revealed that each sample contain considerable amount of nutrients.
Samples were collected for proximate analysis and bulk sample washability test work.