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This study extends prior research by examining whether or not golf course condominium residences with a cart path proximate to the residence sell for lower prices.
An intravaginal tampon for feminine hygiene comprising: a) a generally cylindrical absorbent pledget, substantially enclosed in a cover, having a length, a longitudinal axis, an insertion end, and a withdrawal end and comprising i) a mass of fibers compressed into a self sustaining shape and ii) a sheet-like fluid-permeable cover substantially enclosing the mass of fibers; b) a withdrawal element operatively connected to the generally cylindrical pledget proximate to the withdrawal end thereof; wherein the absorbent pledget comprises at least one groove form on the outer surface of the compressed tampon pledget, wherein the groove form has a turn comprising an intersection of at least two groove segments having a depth of at least about 0.
The assembly also includes a printed image proximate to the second surface.
We studied the behavioral changes in a group of 22 marabou storks following the addition of 2 shade cloth barriers to their enclosure; we documented all occurrences of aggressive behavior, as well as time spent proximate to the barriers (or the space between barrier posts, when the shade cloth was removed) and time spent using the barriers to block the view of other storks.
We term previous FDIs in Quadrant I double-proximate experience since they are located in countries culturally proximate to both the MNE's home country and the host country of a focal subsequent FDI, previous FDIs in Quadrant 2 home-proximate experience since they are located in countries culturally proximate to the MNE's home country, previous FDIs in Quadrant 3 host-proximate experience since they are located in countries culturally proximate to the host country of a focal subsequent FD1, and previous FDIs in Quadrant 4 double-distant experience since they are located in countries approximate to neither the MNE's home country nor the host country of a focal subsequent FDI.
The 150,000 s/f, three-story warehouse features high ceilings, modern amenities and is proximate to major traffic outlets such as the Long Island Expressway and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.
David Foster said: "Endless debate, but I continue to think that the quality of niche information is not improved by putting it proximate to other niche information.
The Resort's ideal location in the Palm Beach area north of Oranjestad, where a majority of the hotels are located, is proximate to many of the island's restaurants and shops.
The property is also proximate to the Long Island Expressway, tunnel and bridge access to Manhattan and convenient subway/bus transportation lines.
In addition, the Bel Air building is proximate to the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center & Campus, a recently built acute care facility in Harford County, Maryland.
990 Stewart Avenue is proximate to our core holdings on Long Island, bringing our Garden City portfolio to 1.
Distribution Management Services brings to the attention of all concerned that the Company is now deeply entrenched in real estate development and marketing of residential properties in the area proximate to Orlando, Florida, described by many as the "hottest real estate market in America.