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Where a PV policy covers, for example, loss proximately caused by "civil commotion," it may still contain extensive exclusions for losses indirectly caused by other, non-purchased PV perils, such as "insurrection" or "civil war.
The court concluded that assuming, arguendo, that the defendants did depart from the standard of care by mislabeling the biopsy studies, without presenting admissible evidence to rebut the defendants' showing that this departure did not proximately cause the right shoulder resection, Susan failed to rebut the defendants' prima facie showing.
Chiu committed medical malpractice when he "negligently and carelessly examined, cared for, followed up on, and treated her, so as to proximately cause her injuries and damages.
Thus, the court decided that the taxpayer's loan was proximately related to those venture capital management activities and to his personal intention to obtain carry from the general partner LLCs, and he made the loan in connection with his trade or business.
005% estriol vaginal gel was approved in Europe in July 2010 and will be proximately marketed in Europe under the brand names of Blissel and Gelistrol, Dr.
This equates to carbon offsets of ap- proximately 6,000 circumnavigations of the world by car.
Generic transactions represent ap3) proximately 65 percent of prescriptions, and with generic cost differentials of 20 percent to 40 percent lower than brands, substantial savings opportunities exist.
With proximately 80,000 members and 500 branches in the UK he RAFA needs all the help it can get and our adets were delighted o be able to do their it.
Excellent location and proximately to high-end clients, ample parking and strong long term lease.
82 billion proximately will be distributed and the distribution of funds would start by 5th December 2009.
In addition, a second rig was mobilised on 3 November and will immediately test exploration targets from surface within close proximately to existing mining operations.
The plaintiff filed a complaint alleging that each defendant's negligence proximately caused her severe and permanent eye injuries, and that the defendants were jointly and severally liable.