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But Solomon saith, Prudens advertit ad gressus suos; stultus divertit ad dolos.
Stalco, an Authorized VarcePruden Builder, designed and engineered the structure in collaboration with Baldassano Architecture, based on Varco Prudens (VP) customizable pre-engineered building system.
This $950,000 project demonstrates the benefits of custom engineered structures provided by Varce Pruden," said Stalce principal Kevin G.
Serendipitous StartSoon after the Prudens came onboard, a unique opportunity presented itself to add a seventh location.
That certainly is the question the Prudens have been pondering since acquiring Taste Unlimited just a short time ago.
based store, along with his daughter, co-owner, Sabra Coe Young, announced after 33 years as a solely family-owned and operated store, they were partnering with local lawyer Jon Pruden and his father, Peter Pruden III.
Actually," remarked Jon Pruden, Taste Unlimited's new president, "we've got the best damn sandwiches in town.
Pruden said the restaurant side makes up half the business, while the retail component and the wine sales make up the other half.
A Family AffairFast forward to 2006: Local lawyer Jon Pruden and his father, Peter Pruden III got wind of the fact that Taste Unlimited was looking to bring in partners and explore growth prospects.
A corporate attorney by training, Pruden explained that after making partner, he felt he had done all he really wanted to do in the field of law.
Pruden and his father immediately took over the day-to-day management of the business -- from the financial aspect to marketing to the Web site -- while Coe remained a co-owner of the company he founded.
Peter (Coe) and Sabra's roles really haven't changed all that much," Pruden explained.