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No doubt it is circular to say, "Alpha's life is prudentially valuable because it is prudentially valuable.
He emphasized the need for policy measures that apply "more or less comprehensively to all uses of short-term wholesale funding, without regard to the form of the transactions or whether the borrower was a prudentially regulated institution.
The appeals court dismissed the action, finding that the action was rendered constitutionally moot by the inmate's transfer to another facility and the action was rendered prudentially moot by the transfer.
Strengthened capital and liquidity standards for prudentially regulated institutions should also help by giving increased assurance to counterparties about the soundness of these firms.
This allocates risk more efficiently between the prudentially regulated bank and less regulated entities.
Warren entertains a common objection to those who seek to eradicate the fear of death, namely that the fear of death may be prudentially and evolutionarily beneficial.
Cardiff council is sitting on reserves of pounds 61m and even according to its own officers could prudentially borrow another pounds 100m.
10) Perhaps while the blameworthy morally deserve fear (when fair or authorized), the fearsome only prudentially merit fear--and the awesome, say, are only aesthetically worthy of awe.
A report to go in front of councillors recommends that the council should procure the development of the cinema and aS ssociated retail units directly and councillors give authority to prudentially borrow up to pounds 5m to fund the proposal.
Although he assesses the viability of framing Duncan's chamberlains for the regicide, Macbeth does not think prudentially about its further consequences.
Entities not listed on an exchange and small publicly accountable entities that are prudentially regulated would apply Financial Reporting Standard for Medium-sized Entities (FRSME).
While the court determined that the NEPA claims were prudentially moot because the Corps was already preparing a new WCP (with an EIS), the decision ended with a warning to the Corps that future courts would not "look favorably on the Corps's stubborn insistence on excluding from its analysis all reasonable alternatives in the ACF basin.