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when in that same prudish city, they have one exact word to describe the
TWO years since Ian Smith retired from Neighbours, after more than two decades playing prudish cafeowner Harold Bishop, he's back on Ramsay Street.
It's a shame that we've had to stop because of some prudish snobbery on the part of the CAA.
Crammed with corrupt cops, nymphish flappers, black market violence, and prunish, prudish temperance activists, HBO's latest drama has lots for a libertarian to like.
Howie''s prudish disapproval of these neopagan worshippers turns to outrage - not least when he is almost led astray by the pub landlord''s wild child daughter (a superbly pouty Britt Ekland) and given an audience with the mysterious Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee).
It's a natural part of life, but it has drawn controversy in America's prudish society.
While not for the prudish, due to explicit scenes, it paints a captivating picture of life in the 60s and is a credit to the movie, which shot Dustin Hoffman to fame.
It allowed Victorians to express feelings which often couldn't be spoken in such prudish times.
We would never advocate censorship or publication of prudish, watered down articles.
Peter O'Toole's name alone makes him the perfect person to play ``Casanova'' in repose, writing his memoirs in a castle and sharing his autobiography with a sympathetic if initially prudish young maid (Rose Byrne).
All too often writers veer into crude pornography while trying to avoid prudish conventions in storytelling.
She seduced us as a German lesbian junkie in High Art, upbraided us as a prudish neighbor in Far From Heaven, and made us giddy as eccentric Aunt Sarah in Six Feet Under.