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Yet I am also distinctly uneasy at the recent turn events have taken: journalism, beset by allegations of criminality and increasingly obsessed by prurience and trivia, is at one of its periodic low ebbs.
And where prurience meets public interest, I suspect, entertainment will always cross over.
There is too much weight given to tittle-tattle here, much of it about those who cannot answer back and the author's fascination with the sex lives of ANC activists comes close to prurience.
The bloodthirsty prurience of entertainment-hungry masses detached from the nameless people whose torments they observe seems to become inferentially an attribute of Nothcomb's own audience.
But the reality is a combination of political naivety, journalistic prurience and a small helping of coincidence" Former Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire Lembit Opik, on the current rash of parliamentary scandals "Of course, we have all got to hope that it works, but it's taking a hell of a gamble" Former Chancellor Alistair Darling on the Budget
I much prefer overt sexuality to sleazy, vulgar prurience.
Pornography is meretricious, inviting prurience, commodifying and degrading sexuality rather than celebrating the sacred bonds that can make it holy.
Even Chanel, a brand not known for prurience, ran ads this fall showing two ladies in Victorian garb in an alluring embrace.
MANY years ago that eminent essayist JB Priestley concluded that the supreme sin of the national press (yes, national, not local papers like wot your Echo is) was not hypocritical prurience nor the sickening sycophancy towards "our beloved Queen"; nor the sugar-coated sentiments about his beloved rose garden by the gruesome Godfrey Winn - "He shakes hands with people's hearts," said his boss Lord Beaverbrook.
Movies, he said, don't need to celebrate violence, voyeurism or prurience to be entertaining.
At the same time, it is widely acknowledged (except by most editors and journalists) that a great deal of media intrusion is simply an abuse of press freedom, with the sole aim of boosting circulation by feeding public prurience.
Allan's painting, showing Turkish slavers on horseback splitting up the women of a captured Greek family, is melodramatic but has none of the prurience of GE[umlaut]rE[sup.