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To those in the audience who are not worried parents, it provides both sexual and moralistic thrills; it plays both to the prurient fascination with teenage girls gone wild and to the paternalistic stereotype of girls as victims.
The camera circles around them, coming in closer for a more intimate view, then pulling back to a more detached distance, while always maintaining a constant and therefore mechanistic circumambulatory pace, as if some purely scientific interest in these outlandish and comical creatures, these humans, were mixed with a more prurient fascination.
Reviewing the Sunday papers on television, former Tory MP Gyles Brandreth said their prurient coverage of the sex lives of so-called stars and other drivel demonstrated that our society might appear 'sick', especially to some 'radical' Islamists.
The slanders on her can easily be explained by the prurient imagination of the Middle Ages and also by their failure to understand that there could be such a thing as a woman of independent means, free to travel and live her own life without a husband or male supervisor.
The idea that she was dragged out of bed "in the act" presumes that she was hardly clothed, which would have had added to the prurient interest on the street.
A high school college-bound senior would either read this and pass it around to the whole class, because it really appeals to a prurient interest, or decide that college could be put off for a while.
A more cynical view is that he wishes to capitalise on our age's prurient obsession about sex, glorious sex.
The court found the magazines, Hustler, were not obscene, even though the court noted that taken as a whole, the magazines clearly appealed to prurient interest and depicted or described sexual activity in a patently offensive way.
Graphic sex scenes that might fit a range of prurient tastes--from brutal and abusive to soft-focus and romantic (including a dash of interracial coupling)--seem almost obligatory.
In creating descriptive names for some species, Linnaeus "was a prurient guy," opines Yanega, who created one of the online collections of nomenclaturial high jinks.
Ian Brace Eichner says he purchased 52 Park because it was a "unique" and "great" deal with three elements that "aroused my prurient interest.
There is more to this book, however, than a mass of detail appealing to the prurient.