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It is the bourgeoisie, represented by Schneider, who pruriently wish to keep them apart.
When Wilson apologizes that his account has taken so long, Adams responds, somewhat pruriently, "`So far otherwise,' said Adams, licking his Lips, `that I could willingly hear it over again'" (p.
The combination of the two--Clinton's unbelievably bad judgment and Starr's snoopy doggedness--has resulted in the kind of messy moral sentiments I remember feeling as a teenager when I heard about a boy who had been caught by a pruriently goody-goody bathroom monitor who peeked over the top of the stall and saw him doing something that mothers say will make you go blind.
Extremely rare illustrations of the sin of Charlemagne and of the philosopher Secundus and his mother, with pruriently placed scroll, are reproduced on page 294, and Wirth also identifies a representation of the literary topos of Bernhard of Chartres illustrating the modems as a dwarf on the shoulders of a giant and convincingly interprets the only partially labelled depiction of the liberal arts and philosophy on leaf 6(r) in the light of the rubrics surrounding this 'macrocosmus'.
the others, first listening pruriently then reporting back scornfully.
Captured by Schimert's voyeuristic gaze and pruriently objectified by the camera, he fulfills but never experiences scopophilic desire.
Reading Dante's richly -- indeed almost pruriently -- detailed text, the imagination conjures up its own horrific vistas that can't be approximated onstage without benefit of a Disney budget.