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Thus I pacified Psyche and kissed her, And tempted her out of her gloom -- And conquered her scruples and gloom; And we passed to the end of the vista -- But were stopped by the door of a tomb -- By the door of a legended tomb: -- And I said -- "What is written, sweet sister, On the door of this legended tomb?
Cupid's identity is not revealed to Psyche even after their secret marriage, when he comes to her in the dark of night.
In fact, human needs and human psyche has influenced the history of architecture: what would seem to be a dry contention comes to live with a jovial flair under de Botton's talents, making THE ARCHITECTURE OF HAPPINESS accessible to lay readers as well as students of the arts.
Psyche System's new EMR Internet interface employs Web services technology to effect smooth sharing of laboratory orders and test results between the company's LabWeb LIS or WindoPath anatomic pathology information system and any third party or proprietary EMR.
Stephen Bush's new landscape paintings are a luridly unorthodox contribution to the genre, but they nonetheless share one of its central themes: nature as an expression of the psyche.
Firstly, because diseases are presently more suppressed than they were in the past, and secondly, humanity has become more aware of its own psyche, a factor that happened concurrently with the development of psychology.
The psychological state of black America provides an out-sized --if overlooked--example of the overall state of America's psyche.
Neuroscientists, she says, have committed themselves to a nervous system without psyche, while psychoanalysts (feminist and otherwise) have committed themselves to a non-biologized psyche.
Jungian believed that his knowledge of the psyche (the collective unconscious and its archetypes) unlocked the real meaning of religion and personality.
it rises up, upends the psyche, and pours into its mouth,
The maiden named Psyche was so beautiful that she amused Aphrodite's jealousy.