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Its members are behavioral healthcare provider organizations that own or manage more than 800 specialty psychiatric hospitals, general hospital psychiatric and addiction treatment units and behavioral healthcare divisions, residential treatment facilities, youth services organizations, and extensive outpatient networks.
Medicaid programs in participating states will receive federal matching funds to help pay for services needed by patients being treated at private psychiatric hospitals.
Cost also enters into the discussion of another alternative to the Junction City hospital - five 16-bed psychiatric hospitals scattered around the state, along with a half-dozen secure residential treatment centers.
The Abbaseyya Psychiatric Hospital, founded in 1883, is currently at the center of rumors that the land on which it stands will be used to expand the neighboring conference center as part of the Cairo Expo City development project.
Davies, of New Tredegar, South Wales, had been freed from a psychiatric hospital four months earlier and checked by a community care team just hours earlier that day.
The director of Al-Fanar Psychiatric Hospital, Samar Labban, and the representatives of the Development Cooperation Office of the Italian Embassy organized the "day painting session," allowing the patients of the Al-Fanar Hospital to dedicate a full day to producing paintings and drawings.
I hope this will allay Paul's fears that South Birmingham is going to lose its only psychiatric hospital and that mental health in the area is being neglected.
The percentage of these patients treated in general hospitals, rather than in psychiatric hospitals, increased from 82% in 1982-1983, to 87% in 2002-2003.
To "liberal" Western minds, accustomed to the natural right to freedom of thought and speech, it seems logically incongruous, and decidedly barbarous, to incarcerate in psychiatric hospitals those who hold opinions contrary to the beliefs of the ruling regime.
To illustrate this approach, we have drawn clinical material from our work in several different psychiatric hospitals in which we have counseled a variety of clients whose illnesses have represented every major category of mental illness.
A man removed from a Qantas Airways flight after allegedly attacking two flight attendants has reportedly been moved from prison to a high-security psychiatric hospital.

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