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But he added: "Cannabis carries significant mental health risks for some individuals, including psychosis, depression and anxiety.
In a multivariate analysis adjusted for sex, age, body mass index, birth weight, non-preterm birth, and maternal mental disorders, each 1-point decrement in the pediatric physical activity index was associated with a 26% increase in the risk of developing any nonaffective psychosis and, more specifically, a 43% increased risk of schizophrenia.
The most common forms of psychosis are part of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia - which affects more than 21 million people worldwide - and bipolar disorder, but psychotic symptoms can also occur in conditions like Parkinson's disease and alcohol or drug abuse.
The research, led by Professor Stephen Wood at Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, showed that, among people with psychosis, depressive symptoms and thoughts of self-harm were not because of the psychosis, but instead were linked to the level of autism traits a person had.
The Phase II -019 Study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of pimavanserin in 181 patients with Alzheimer's disease psychosis.
Logsdail and Toone characterized symptomatic criteria for PIP (Logsdail 1988), subsequently recognizing PIP from alternate psychoses of epilepsy, to be specific ictal and interictal psychosis.
It is a ploy to crush us economically,' he said, adding that New Delhi wants to create fear psychosis among business community to muzzle the genuine voice of Kashmiris.
In addition to mortality, the study examined the health care individuals received in the 12 months after the initial psychosis diagnosis.
Patients with psychosis were significantly more likely than controls to meet DSM-5 and Beck Depression Inventory II criteria for depression, with odds ratios of 8.
The symptoms of psychosis started within hoursof her giving birth to her daughter.
There are few experts on postpartum psychosis because there are so few cases.