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Shiny, anterior border rectangular and pubescent; humeri fully pubescent; epipleura pubescent until the level of the first abdominal tergite; elytral striae with marked rounded punctures in lateral striae and weak rounded punctures in dorsal striae.
Diagnosis: The species, known only from males, is distinguished from congeners by the predominantly grey pubescent scutum (Fig.
The proposed definition also asks providers to specify the type of exhibitionism: whether the person is attracted to exposing himself to pubescent or prepubescent individuals, to mature adults, or to both.
The number of putative pubescent panicles identified and confirmed to be segregating for the pubescent-hulled trait were 257 (year one) and 374 panicles (year two).
Although some breast enlargement is normal in pubescent boys, if you or your son is concerned, it's best to have him seen by his doctor.
She is a perpetually pubescent girl, and the only thing on her mind is turning Ken's vinyl head.
I get so nervous at sex scenes, I turn into a sweaty, pubescent boy.
She enticed pubescent and pre-pubescent girls to get changed in the couple's bedroom after staging pool parties in her back garden and to take baths, all in front of hidden cameras operated by Martin.
I actually rocked a pubescent moustache for a while.
So, cleaning, shopping, cooking, ironing and baby-sick, plus relating to a couple of pubescent girls; all in a day's work for someone recovering from an Out-Of-Albert Square-Experience.