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Research by Dixson, Grimshaw, Linklater, and Dixson (2011) is interesting in this regard: Using an eye-tracking paradigm and nude female images as stimuli, these researchers showed that men attended initially and primarily to breasts and waist when making attractiveness judgments, with the pubic region commanding comparatively less visual attention.
In one female patient, with AGW removed from the perianal skin, pubic region, and femoral fold, co-infection with two HPV-6 L1-LCR-E5a-E5b genomic variants was identified.
Extra nipples are found somewhere along a line from your normal nipple to your pubic region - the milk line - and not in the middle of your chest.
The rectus abdominis is the muscle that runs down the midtorso, from the middle of the rib cage to the pubic region.
The pubic region seldom has significant burns from loose stools because most of the stool puddles around the anal opening.
makes TiSit, a line that includes a shampoo for the hair, a liquid for most body areas, plus a gel for the pubic region.
Testosterone regulates hair growth by stimulating hair follicles in different parts of the body such as the face, pubic region and the scalp.
Graham-Little-Piccardi-Lasseur syndrome (GLPLS) is a rare variant of lichen planopilaris comprising of a triad of multifocal cicatricial alopecia of scalp, non-cicatricial alopecia of axillae and pubic region and keratotic follicular papules over body.
CASE REPORT: A 42 years lady was admitted in our surgery ward with complaints of a large swelling over the pubic region for 2 years.