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the school board initially indicated that they were planning to defy the Supreme Court's ruling and allow students to lead prayers over the public address system as part of the pre-game announcements.
The book is a collection of papers presented at the Third Biennial Conference on Public Address that was held at the University of Minnesota in September of 1992.
In addition to addressing particular moments in nineteenth-century public address, the paired essays take up some key issues in the theory of rhetorical criticism, most importantly the debate between proponents of the "close reading" and "critical rhetoric" schools.
Then the man on the public address lent out of his box to call McMahon a "Scouse git".
Supreme Court eventually ruled that a school's public address system may not be utilized for prayer prior to a game.
There are many reasons why the public address industry has changed so very much over the past thirty years.
Limited Tenders are invited for Public Address System As Per Enquiry Required
Doe, a Texas case dealing with school-sanctioned, student-led pre-game prayers broadcast over a high school's public address system.
Over the past few years, independent filmmakers have found the emerging format of vlogging to be the ideal place to develop new projects," said Mica Scalin, an independent filmmaker and founder of the Public Address Network (PAN), a media arts collective debuting the program PANtasia on August 27.
Tenders are invited for Provide & Install Public Address Systems - 3 Locations
That left the public address announcer counting down the shot clock for everyone in the building as well as providing updates on the score after every basket, not that it helped in the least.
Redeveloped Passenger Waiting Area: Enhanced retail and passenger amenities include: floor-to-ceiling glass which allows panoramic views of the harbor and incoming ferries; upgraded restrooms; new information systems (including public address systems) and new signage.

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