public avowal

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Tiller's public avowal of abortion rights as essential to women's autonomy is an eloquent reminder of what we must do now.
7bn purchase of Kraft's US pizza business and its public avowal not to bid for Cadbury, with prices falling slightly on the day.
David Cameron has recently made the public avowal that he will vote to lower the limit to 20 weeks.
Johnson's narrative representations must be re-examined precisely because his narrator opts for personal and financial gratification rather than the existential rewards of racial responsibility and the public avowal of black self-determination.
Further, it is a public avowal of the profession's obligation to the public and to its own right-thinking members that it accepts the responsibility for the conduct of its individual members.
The term profession originates from the Latin profiteri, which means to declare aloud, to make a public avowal.
Moreover, the traditional purposes of accreditation--frank, collegial criticism and public avowal of academic integrity--were undermined by the mistrust generated by this new agenda.
The public avowals of Begin's party [The Freedom Party] are no guide whatever to its actual character.
l) Historically, the word "profession" was associated with occupations that "combined public avowals of high purpose with dedication to service and selflessness.
After public avowals that it would satisfy its $9 billion in debts to the Club, Argentina refused to honestly broker an agreement, first refusing to submit to a required IMF review, then demanding a protracted payment period and finally bringing the process to a grinding halt.
In chapter 6, "The Gospel Road: Cash as Saint and Sinner," Edwards returns to Cash's biography and his lifelong struggles with drug abuse, his documented and rumored marital infidelities, and his public avowals of Christian redemption.

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