public disclosure

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The duration would be an estimated 10 months from the start of effectiveness, but closing date can be no later Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized than December 31st, 2015, since this has to comply with the closing of the EITI MDTF.
When you balance the advantages of public disclosure against the dangers of public disclosure, the danger of public disclosure wins.
UNITED Spirits Limited ( USL) has refused to share with the Bombay Stock Exchange ( BSE) and the National Stock Exchange ( NSE) its inquiry report on the alleged fund diversion to Vijay Mallya's UB Group on the grounds that public disclosure of the confidential report could hurt its business and potentially prejudice an investigation into the issue by legal authorities.
If a product is capable of being reverse-engineered, handing out a product to the public could constitute a public disclosure.
O'Brien is committed to having a full-fledged public disclosure process, including four or five community sessions throughout the city and extended evening and weekend hours for the assessor's office.
The March amendments, found in the major healthcare legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama, significantly revised what is known as the public disclosure bar to qui tam private litigant lawsuits.
The Food and Drug Administration's Transparency Task Force has issued 21 draft proposals concerning public disclosure of FDA operations without compromising patents or companies' trade secrets.
The federal law requires states to have policies governing public disclosure of fatal or near-fatal abuse cases.
In connection with the Committee on Finance's June 13 hearing on several "hot button" issues including "disclosure of corporate returns," I write to express Tax Executives Institute's opposition to public disclosure of corporate tax returns.
The Olsen twins, who are students at NYU, signed the maternity leave pledge and are now calling for public disclosure of the names and addresses of factories used in Bangladesh to sew their garments.
These revisions to the public disclosure tables do not affect the data collection and reporting requirements applicable to lenders subject to Regulation C; the revised disclosure tables merely show the format that will be used by the federal financial regulatory agencies for public disclosure of the data collected and reported by lenders.