public disgrace

See: dishonor, shame
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In this district, as in other districts remote from the wealthy quarters of the metropolis, the hideous London vagabond -- with the filth of the street outmatched in his speech, with the mud of the street outdirtied in his clothes -- lounges, lowering and brutal, at the street corner and the gin-shop door; the public disgrace of his country, the unheeded warning of social troubles that are yet to come.
Once, Martin met Gertrude on the street, down in Oakland, and learned what he knew could not be otherwise - that Bernard Higginbotham was furious with him for having dragged the family into public disgrace, and that he had forbidden him the house.
However, as you have been a long time in the family, I have no wish to bring public disgrace upon you.
Arthur, I feel that public disgrace is in store for me.
And now what is there before me but public disgrace, ruin, terrible shame, the mockery of the world, a lonely dishonoured life, a lonely dishonoured death, it may be, some day?
She accepts public disgrace in the house of another to save me.
Public disgrace I might have faced, although I am a man whose character has never yet borne a stain.
Egyptian singer Laila Amer - complied by Egypt Today CAIRO -- 27 February 2018: Giza Misdemeanor Court sentenced Laila Amer, the singer of controversial song "Bos Omak", to two years in prison over charges of inciting debauchery and public disgrace, through a song released on Internet raising controversy among the public.
Pence, a backseat driver, had to go back to his den after exposing himself to public disgrace.
But neither she nor his sisters come around to his way of thinking - till public disgrace forces Chauhan to leave his home to pursue his dream to herald a social revolution in women's sanitation.
In a statement signed by the party's director of publicity, Apeh Peterhof, on behalf of the state chairman, said the leadership considered the statement by Dan Ali, as a flatly ridiculous absurdity, and the highest level of public disgrace to democracy and the Nigerian populace.
The public disgrace and instant dismissal of this "untouchable" titan after decades of vile behaviour must have given abusers of women in other industries well-deserved sleepless nights.

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