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Tenders are invited for Renovation Of 12 Rooms Under Arpg For Department Of Food And Public Distribution At Krishi Bhawan New Delhi Sh Electrical Work
Known as "The Depot," the restaurant sells fuel stolen from India's public distribution system, which doles out staples to the poor at below-market prices.
Danve throws light on how the government is taking steps to ensure effective public distribution of food and curb price rise
Modi about the prevailing food price and monsoon situation besides reforms in Public Distribution System.
Israel has accelerated the public distribution of gas masks in recent weeks, intensifying rumors that an attack on Iran might be imminent.
According to the company, ePDS is a way-forward solution aimed at improving Distribution system in the state, and make the PDS paperless thus truly achieving their vision of bringing in Quality and Transparent Revolution in the Public Distribution System in India.
Summary: A total of 93 public distribution systems of natural gas were put into service during the first eight months of 2009, against 80 distribution systems in 2008, according to a report drawn up by the state-run gas and electricity company SONELGAZ.
Khelil, who went to the province of Blida (50km southwest of Algiers) where he supervised the putting into operation of natural gas public distribution systems for the benefit of several rural communes in the province, said he was pleased with the efforts made by the State and (electricity and gas company) Sonelgaz to better life conditions of citizens while providing the necessary conditions for industry development.
Spotlight On: Metalcasting is available for public distribution via www.
TAM on Friday concluded the public distribution of R$500 million ($231.
NYSE:TAM; BOVESPA:TAMM4) has announced the conclusion of the public distribution of non-convertible debentures in the amount of BRL500m, with expiration in six years and amortisation in the fourth, fifth and sixth years.
BOVESPA: TAMM4), Brazil's largest airline company, announced today the conclusion of the public distribution of nonconvertible debentures in the amount of R$500 million, with expiration in six years and amortization in the 4th, 5th and 6th years.