public knowledge

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Public knowledge of heart attack in a Nepalese population survey.
He was also compelled to examine questions of evil when the horrors of the holocaust became public knowledge after the Second World War.
Mignon Waterman, which says such settlements with the state would be public knowledge "unless a right of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.
In fifteen questions, it is clear that scandal or public knowledge needed to exist for the activity to be worthy of being reported.
If you bring up information that's public knowledge, that's appropriate," adds Gini Graham Scott, an Oakland, Calif.
But the fact that radioactive waste was dumped at 10 separate locations in Santry Woods over a long period without any public knowledge is a matter of major concern.
Endocrine disruptors, or "environmental hormones" as they're known in Japan, have churned public debate, as more and more illegal toxic waste dumps and dioxin-spewing incinerators become public knowledge.
It is an example of the kind of farm policy that would serve us well and that would be adopted if there were sufficient public knowledge of the real circumstances of our farmland and our farming people.
Such sums are not always public knowledge, but litigation under this clause could reveal them.
Barthes had love affairs, like everyone else, but if he did not want them to become public knowledge, and if, after his death, his lovers choose not to discuss them, then there is no reason why I should deliver up their names to the public.
Muscat: Omani children were able to explore bookshelves, read stories, and even buy a book or two when they visited the Public Knowledge Library and Let's Read charity book shop last week, in celebration of World Book Day.

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