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In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.
Then, there should be a reduction, if not outright elimination, of public opinion polls on every conceivable public issue.
The curfew was denounced as a primitive measure in public opinion polls.
1 concern of Peruvians in all public opinion polls.
Amid discussions of semen-stained dresses and penises with distinguishing features, public opinion polls indicate that most Americans feel that the president's sex life--not only while in office but in the office--is his own business.
The large gap in attitudes toward the war between men and women detected in public opinion polls stimulated a growing understanding of the role of patriarchy in war-making and encouraged more leadership by women in the movement.
Current public opinion polls show that the American people favor the death penalty by substantial margins.
Along with negative TV spots, high-octane PACS, and shrinking voter turnout, the profusion of contradictory and confusing public opinion polls is often cited as a symptom of the unraveling of the American democracy.
In this article, Shevtsova draws on public opinion polls to show that the Russian people are far more prepared for a liberal democracy than they usually get credit for, and that the obstacle to democratic development comes not from the people but from the ruling elites.
It's similar to the difference between public opinion polls of what "ALL voters" say and what rankings of "LIKELY voters" say.
Yet public opinion polls vary depending on the phrasing of the questions and who's doing the asking.
But, to achieve this in 1993, Hennessy said, the Congress, will have to communicate its message to the public and elected officials by the continued use of public opinion polls, policy papers, mass letter writing drives, and media and public awareness campaigns.

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