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But Democrats tacked on two amendments Thursday adding the specific offenses named in the two charges filed against Perry - coercion of a public servant and abuse of official capacity.
Prior sanction It is also proposed to extend the protection of prior sanction for prosecution to public servants who cease to hold office due to retirement, resignation, etc.
With the federal public servants it really is a bit easier.
It was the highest number of dismissals of public servants in 12 years.
Above all, he noted, public servants were the ones who were called to pay the highest price.
Politicians should respect and involve public servants who really know what they are doing as we develop essential public services.
Including fixed-term servants to transferable personnel means that 28 per cent of all public servants, or roughly one in three, will be transferable", Papadopoulos said.
I concede that Ruth is right that learning where the bodies are buried in the private sector can help you find them as a public servant.
Political transitions (1) in Westminster systems demand that senior public servants strike a balance between providing frank and fearless advice while being responsive to the new government's agenda.
I encourage public servants around the world to work in the same spirit to help build an inclusive, prosperous and sustainable future for all.
At present, public servants are getting only six months' salaries following retirement.
Summary: Lebanese University professors announced Tuesday they would join the open-ended strike by teachers and public servants launched last week.

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