public spirit

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This boat represents the extraordinary public spirit of the people of Northumberland, having been conceived, funded and built by local residents.
only just when are the It's a boost public spirit them for next The article was of sentimental value to the buyer and awaiting collection.
And though we have come to expect such self-interested behaviour from state doctors and teachers, it was very disappointing to see judges showing no public spirit when their incomes were affected.
such public spirit was viewed as insidious--or potentially so--by none other than the New Hampshire chapter of the Americans for Prosperity, WMUR and the Associated Press, all of which said it was the public's right to know who donated the money, and how much it was.
Major Ghaleb Abdallah Mohammed Al Ghafli, Deputy Director, Al Rafaa police station, visited Standard Chartered employee Zakeeya Rafeea at her office and presented a certificate of commendation in appreciation of her integrity and high-minded public spirit.
Day after day one sees just how much this government has lost its sense of public spirit," Martine Aubry, the Socialist party leader, said.
Japan's parliament began debating a bill on Tuesday for the first revision of the country's post-World War II basic education law to emphasize public spirit and traditions as well as instill a sense of patriotism through education.
Polshek for this honor, the award committee has chosen someone whose work truly embodies the public spirit of George Post's career," said Lois Cronholm, senior vice president and chief operating officer of The City College.
The public spirit of Haines, several local agencies and many others started a snowball effect.
If there were any such thing as public spirit in Bombay we might hope for the adoption of measures to preserve us from the recurrence of the present evil .