public uprising

See: revolution
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Because of Mugabe's grip on the security services, a public uprising such as the one seen in Burkina Faso last year is unlikely in Zimbabwe.
The Gezi protests as a strong reflection of public opposition were obviously not the first public uprising in Turkey.
Frustrated with the growing atrocities of the terror group, the district governor of Achin has called for a public uprising against the loyalists of the terror group.
The latest public uprising started a few weeks ago, but moved into high gear when Industry Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh charged, "Creating and supporting campaigns not to buy cars is treason to the national interests.
Charsada district had fallen to Taliban's control last month on July 8 and was retaken as a result of public uprising against militants.
Dubbing Friday's violence as a public uprising, Singh said: "The public is annoyed of the minority appeasement policy of the state government.
He claimed there were people in the government working against President Salva Kiir by engaging in activities likely to cause ignite public uprising.
It will lead to a Palestinian mass public uprising with sporadic violence.
Gen El-Sisi, in his elaborate address to the ranking officers, shed light on the public uprising since ouster of Mubarak, noting that the military had accepted elections that "brought a political party and a president that represented it to power and the armed forces was in consensus with the will of the people.
The long-time autocrat was ousted during a 2011 public uprising.
It has been established that Mohamed Mursi became Egypt's first democratically elected president following a public uprising, with 13.
The cases against Soliman, minister from 1993 to 2005, and Rasekh were first referred to the public prosecutor in May, three months after Mubarak was ousted in a public uprising.

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