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Indeed, the public self-presentations processes--in case of publicization of the controversy--aim at generalizing the argumentation in order to convince a broader public.
Freeman's (2003: 1285) conception of publicization is a useful idea for studying the establishment of relationships between government and private firms.
Contrary to widely-held notions that have intensified through unfair publicization, the cause of African peace has greatly advanced these last years.
to provide, but the publicization of their covert practices.
But the process presumably gave the Supreme Court and its new members a measure of publicity, and a publicization of the consultation process that surrounded their selection--a small "plus" in terms of legitimacy, undercut by the fact that it took place with little notice during the summer vacation.
For many years the city administration has been very attentive to and active in the protection of its cultural heritage and its publicization at home and abroad.
37) These mechanisms include public-private comparison,(38) managed competition,(39) publicization,(40) asset sale,(41) franchising,(42) public-private partnership,(43) value capture transactions,(44) and voucher programs.
In short, the publicization of penance moved the church closer to a model of justice that emphasized retribution for sin as much as the restoration of relationships and reconciliation with the broader community.