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Then Razumihin began to unfold his project, and he explained at length that almost all our publishers and booksellers know nothing at all of what they are selling, and for that reason they are usually bad publishers, and that any decent publications pay as a rule and give a profit, sometimes a considerable one.
It was introduced by an old Italian publisher somewhere about the 15th century, during the Revival of Learning; and in those days, and even down to a comparatively late period, dolphins were popularly supposed to be a species of the Leviathan.
But I was the architect of her fortunes -- the publisher, so to speak, of her book -- and, if anything, I am underpaid.
Begone from my presence, thou born monster, storehouse of lies, hoard of untruths, garner of knaveries, inventor of scandals, publisher of absurdities, enemy of the respect due to royal personages
Then suddenly I was reminded by an advertisement that I had promised to meet Richardson, the publisher, at two.
You are mistaken, friend D'Artagnan," said Aramis, always on his guard; "this is from my publisher, who has just sent me the price of that poem in one-syllable verse which I began yonder.
The manuscript was revised around 1803 and sold to a London publisher, Crosbie & Co.
Warn the publisher that we can not have this sort of thing: put the editor in prison
Then we would speak of this publisher and of that, comparing the generosity of one with the meanness of another; we would argue whether it was better to go to one who gave handsome royalties or to another who "pushed" a book for all it was worth.
she exclaimed a little helplessly to the remaining guest, a somewhat tired-looking publisher who stood by her side.
Rather to my surprise (for I was too conceited to be greatly amazed by the circumstance), the publisher picked out a few of the best of my wares, and boldly bought them of me-- of course, at his own price.
Sir Walter was in some degree a partner in the business both of his publisher and his printer.

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