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It is matter-of-fact, but many gems of information and flashes of a dry, often puckish, wit enliven it.
Twinkling eyes rescue what might otherwise be a stern countenance, and they betray a puckish humor always at the ready.
As with her chapter on Hardy's novel, Murphy's terms are too rigid to accommodate the puckish and radical ambivalences of tone imbuing these fictions.
What makes the Peoria story so fascinating is that God not only spoke to these people, but He talked to them in such a specific, puckish way.
As Michael Decter, former chair of the Health Council of Canada, notes in a rather puckish if oblique remark in a foreword, "Perhaps the Supreme Court of Canada, when it next turns its attention to health and the Charter of Rights, will consider this thoughtful document" (p.
One imagines Cliburn as a lively raconteur with a puckish sense of humor.
Charles Adams talks about myth and ritual in professional wrestling and Tom Faulkner gives "A Puckish Reflection on Religion in Canada.
Graham's lecturing--learned, clever, beautifully illustrated (and always spiced with his own puckish humour)--earned him widespread admiration and led to extensive demands from a range of audiences that, via a fleet of cruise ships, took him all over the Atlantic facade--both east and west.
It was just the beginning of another day for Fitzgerald, a short, puckish, electric Dominican Sister of Blauvelt who, for the last seven years, has been driving around the poorest Congressional district in the country, one overridden with AIDS, while searching out the homeless that she feeds and tries to help in any way she can," he wrote.
As St Joseph points to a place in the Bible which he has marked with his other forefinger, Jesus casts a puckish look at him.
There is lots of mischief in Here is Greenwood, and most of it emanates from the puckish Mitsuru, Greenwood's head resident.