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The other reason for the lateralization of the post is to protect the pudendal nerve and its perineal branch, which passes just medial to the ischial tuberosity.
A bladder control system currently under study involves implantation of a pudendal nerve stimulator following a posterior rhizotomy.
New lines of research in the R&D sector are enabling surgeons and healthcare specialists to do more selective stimulation, for instance, with respect to the innervation of the bladder at more peripheral sites, such as pudendal nerve stimulation, with the use of less invasive devices, such as Bion and other implantable devices.
A June of 2015 article in the International Journal of Impotence Research now indicates there are previously unknown anatomic variations in the course that the pudendal nerve follows within the pelvis.
But it should be suspected in women who have burning pain in any area along the distribution of the pudendal nerve.
The anal canal receives sensory projections through the pudendal nerve, and the clitoris is also innervated by the pudendal nerves.
In addition, current spread with direct bladder stimulation can stimulate the pudendal nerve to cause urethral closure [7-8].
Research first reported in 2005 by Kathleen Connell, MD, Marsha Guess, MD et al, in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) Evaluation of the role of pudendal nerve integrity in female sexual function using noninvasive techniques practically confirmed to us that decreased clitoral sensation is the single common theme in women's sexual difficulties and should remain our focus", said Martin Crosby, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer for Zestra Laboratories, Inc.
Of note, intraoperative nerve stimulation monitoring identified that the schwannoma arose from the pudendal nerve adjacent to the pelvic plexus.
Unfortunately, there are many women who have undergone partial mesh removal and experience ongoing pudendal neuralgia because the arms of the mesh are still retained in proximity to the pudendal nerve.
This keeps us far enough away from the pudendal nerve and the internal pudendal artery and vein that travel right underneath the ischial spine along the side wall of the pelvis, and away from the interior gluteal artery nerve and vein that travel near the upper edge of the sacrospinous ligament.