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Genetic polymorphism for alternative mating behaviour in lekking male Ruff Philomachus pugnax.
Other crab species were caught in much smaller numbers and included the Atlantic rock crab Cancer irroratus, the European green crab Carcinus maenas, Say's mud crab Dyspanopeus sayi, and the fiddler crab Uca pugnax.
Oebalus pugnax, Chlorochroa ligala (Say) and Nezara viridula (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), and Leptoglossus phyllopus have all been shown to cause reductions in yield and germination of sorghum seed (Hall & Teetes 1982a, 1982b).
Scolopacidae Actitis hypoleucos Common sandpiper Calidris minuta Little stint Philomachus pugnax Ruff Tringa glareola Wood sandpiper 35.
Geografica Positivo Andina Centrolene prosoblepon 1 0 Central Dendropsophus bogerti 1 0 Pristimantis taeniatus 4 0 Rhinella grupo margaritifera 1 0 Smilisca phaeota 2 0 Allobates niputidea 1 0 Dendropsophus microcephalus 2 0 Craugastor raniformis 1 0 Engystomops pustulosus 2 0 Hypsiboas pugnax 2 0 Hypsiboas crepitans 3 0 Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni 2 0 Leptodactylus fuscus 1 0 Leptodactylus insularum 1 0 Pristimantis gaigei 4 0 Relictivomer pearsei 3 0 Rhinella humboldti 2 0 Scinax rostratus 2 0 Scinax ruber 1 0 Andina Atelopus mittermeieri 2 0 Oriental Pristimantis miyatai 2 0 Pristimantis carlossanchezi 1 0 Dendropsophus labialis 9 1 Dendropsophus padreluna 34 0 Pristimantis renjiforum 8 0 Pristimantis susaguae 10 0 Pristimantis sp.
CBH also mentioned the fighting fish, Betta pugnax, and the tree climbing perch, Anabas testudineus, in the article, which is written with a slightly humorous twist; he closes with a statement similar in context to that of the previously discussed article," .
Gomphotaria pugnax, a new genus and species of Late Miocene dusignathine otariid pinniped (Mammalia: Carnivora) from California.
What key to the world could lie within the menus of Pugnax, the hyper-intelligent dog that lives on board the Inconvenience?
pugnax (Nava's AF05443 1918) Acari (Ixodidae) Amblyomma glauerti Keirans, AF115372 King & Sharrad, 1994 Solifugae Eusimonia wunderlichi U29492 Pieper 1977 Amblypygi Paraphrynus sp.
Although the War Dog of antiquity was used by many armies, the most well- known of the ancient War Dogs was the Roman War Dog, called Canis Pugnax (Dog of Battle).
tricolor (Vieillot), Wilson's I R phalarope Philomachus pugnax (Linnaeus), I R ruff Scolopax minor Gmelin, American I O woodcock Tringa flavipes (Gmelin), lesser I O yellowlegs T.
Pugnax1; Betta off pugnax, and the possible new species Kalimantania cf lawak, Puntius aff binotatus 1, Puntius cf lineatus, Rasbora aff.