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RANK. The order or place in which certain officers are placed in the army and navy, in relation to others, is called their rank.
     2. It is a maxim, that officers of, an inferior rank are bound to obey all the lawful commands of their superiors, and are justified for such obedience.

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Or did he pull rank, believing the manoeuvre was unnecessary?
I'll get the last word then," he sniggered, only for chair Bill Midgely to pull rank and make the mayor go first.
Let's face it, quite a few of us will be tuning in on the off-chance that a mum will pull rank when her famous offspring wants to overrule her on an answer.
Now we have a three-panel selection but if we have an argument I pull rank because I am head coach.
He joked that if he wasn't starting the night game, he have to pull rank on somebody.
But Strachan should be able to pull rank and stop Nakamura travelling as that weekend is NOT a recognised international match date under FIFA rules
Meanwhile city MP Bob Ainsworth is writing to parliamentary under secretary of state Dr Stephen Ladyman asking him to pull rank and progress the dispute.