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One source close to the deal said: "Birmingham are trying to cover their back here but the truth is it was Rob who pulled the plug, not the other way around.
Apparently, Khloe's minders pulled the plug on the interview when they thought Sam's line of questioning became too personal.
The 28-year-old rapper and beat-boxer said: "They literally pulled the plug at the last minute.
Speaking ahead of his In Conversation appearance in Liverpool on April 1, the 38-year-old told the ECHO: "We found out today that Disney have pulled the plug on the whole thing.
First, they threatened Time Warner Cable customers for weeks; then they pulled regional sports and cable channels off Dish Network; and now they have pulled the plug on Fox 5 and My9 for 3 million Cablevision households.
LIVI star Colin McMenamin almost lost his job and house when Halifax Bank of Scotland pulled the plug on both.
No checks and balances existed until Zimbardo pulled the plug.
The Knight Foundation has pulled the plug on a program that gave journalists a year at Yale Law School.
However, one company implemented an ERP system for $30 million dollars, determined the new system didn't meet its needs, pulled the plug on it and went back to the previous system.
1, Atlanta-based Omnexus pulled the plug on its three-year-old e-commerce site.
Newcastle are a step closer to signing Lee Bowyer after chairman Doug Ellis pulled the plug on a move by Aston Villa.
RANGERS last night pulled the plug on moves to bring Russian defender Yuri Nikiforov to Ibrox next season - and insisted Craig Moore was going nowhere.

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