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com/khloekardashian) @KhloEkardashian 's people pulled the plug after (https://twitter.
They pretty much pulled the plug on my whole life - club and personal.
However, one company implemented an ERP system for $30 million dollars, determined the new system didn't meet its needs, pulled the plug on it and went back to the previous system.
1, Atlanta-based Omnexus pulled the plug on its three-year-old e-commerce site.
Newcastle are a step closer to signing Lee Bowyer after chairman Doug Ellis pulled the plug on a move by Aston Villa.
The Sault affiliate faded to black last fall when MCTV pulled the plug on local broadcasts opting instead to centralize newscasts on a regional basis from Sudbury.
At the behest of an awkward alliance between National Public Radio and a powerful commercial broadcasters' lobby, Congress surreptitiously pulled the plug late last year on a Federal Communications Commission initiative that promised to open up the public airwaves to the actual public.
IN stating the reason why the Racing Channel has pulled the plug on point-to-point coverage (Racing Post, January 11), the RCA chief executive Stephen Atkin, says: "The Racing Channel, which may be linked with the Go Racing agreement at some stage, is going to become a vehicle which principally encourages people to bet, and point-to-point racing is not in that category.
The musical Smokey Joe's Cafe, due to have been staged this week, was called off after promoters pulled the plug on the rest of its national tour.
But organisers claim they've been kicked in the teeth by regular suppliers Carlsberg-Tetley, who have pulled the plug during the club's moment of crisis.
ATLANTA--One week before the scheduled departure, after months of increasingly frustrating negotiations, Atlanta Ballet pulled the plug on a planned tour of China.
So if you're thinking of bringing children into this world, or you've already pulled the plug on your loveboat cruise through domestic bliss, check out Tales from the Crib.

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