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Big Eck's side are just two points clear of the Premier League drop zone but with the former Rangers skipper pulling the strings he is confident they will survive.
Experienced European campaigners Claude Makelele and Ludovic Giuly are still pulling the strings in the French side's engine room, with class like that in the side they look they overpriced to come away with at least a point.
Puncheon's dismissal for violent conduct marred a good performance from Barnet, who dominated the first half with Andy Hessen-thaler pulling the strings.
There are few sides in this or any World Cup the quality of the French, who count on the unmatched Henry up front, retiring legend Zinedine Zidane pulling the strings just behind, Patrick Vieira cleaning up the midfield messes, smooth Lilian Thuram anchoring the backline -- and now youngster Frank Ribery.
I think we'll see Stevie Gerrard back pulling the strings in the centre of midfield while someone will occupy the right.
If you want to reach your goals, stop people pulling the strings.
Laura Bassett powered City ahead on the hour-mark in the friendly at Central Avenue and Jason East's side dominated the majority of the game with Laura Woollacatt pulling the strings in midfield until Andrea Coupland netted.
The aim is to have state Blue Cross executives quietly pulling the strings of these new foundations.
She may be pulling the strings in Europe but yesterday I was the one telling German Chancellor Angela Merkel how it was.
But Luton began to dominate with Keith Keane pulling the strings in midfield before central defender Krorcha struck the decisive goal.
1 seeds should outclass Baltimore with QB Peyton Manning pulling the strings.
It appears to be bureaucracy pulling the strings and the football club suffering

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