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He's pulling the strings and you're pulling your hair out, right?
Britain as a nation should stand on her own, not with Johnny Foreigner pulling the strings.
Now he has revealed the two men currently pulling the strings at Hillsborough will play no part in that future.
At least that is what those pulling the strings of our nanny state want us to think.
Who was pulling the strings behind Dan Quayle's recent attack on George W.
As the yarn ravels off her body, exposing her belly, the camera pulls back farther to show two young men exuberantly pulling the strings, which pile at their feet.
30 that the party held a stormy meeting during which one committeewoman denied that the Coalition is pulling the strings.
Cast in the role of Blackmore, the behind-the-scenes manipulator who seems to be pulling the strings in Ties That Bind, is Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, Armageddon, The Scorpion King and Sin City).
With Dan (Carter) pulling the strings, they have really good guys that can hit it up in the middle as well as really good finishers with outstanding pace.
Big Eck's side are just two points clear of the Premier League drop zone but with the former Rangers skipper pulling the strings he is confident they will survive.
Bath retain a strong pack and with Olly Barkley pulling the strings the hosts should prevail.

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