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This was to distinguish them from the earlier designation EA/DSCT from the General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS) wherein by default, detached systems with normal [delta] Scui pulsations were included.
Hydraulic accumulators permit to reduce pump power and pressure pulsation which causes the pump, distributor and other devices work and protect the system against possible hydraulic shocks, kinetic energy absorption during the large inertia load of the engine and to compensate for pressure changes in the fluctuations of temperature.
When this faster vibrating pulsation becomes conscious in the deeper Eight Extraordinary Vessels and the three elixir fields (dantian) in the belly, heart, and head, the practitioner experiences what can be described as a spiritual orgasm.
It uses' Charmilles' "PILOT-Expert 3" system, which adjusts pulsation frequency and pulsation length according to the actual cutting depth.
Who is the one seeing it, Where does he come from, where will he disappear to, Who is the one, instead of him, Who will be seeing the same but not the same thing, Because of a different pulsation of the blood?
pulse[R] device based on Muscular Counter Pulsation ("MCP") technology has the potential to significantly reduce acute and chronic heart failure treatment costs by accelerating patients' convalescence, shortening their hospital stays and lowering readmission rates.
Various concerns emerged with packaged compressor system efficiency, vibration, pulsation, and ancillary components and sub-systems.
Its T-Sonic(TM) pulsation (transdermal sonic pulsations) technology refers to the 8,000 pulsations per minute, which are channeled through LUNA(TM)'s soft, silicone touch points.
number of new market-relevant advantages, including: increased pump safety thanks to an innovative ring-tightening structure; increased capacity; decreased air consumption; reduced noise level; optimized flow pattern; and a pulsation damper that is suitable for flange connections.
For different values of the inclination ratio (TR = 0, TR = 1, TR = 2 and TR = 3) and using models with different number of elements (2 and 4 elements respectively), the first eigen pulsation was calculated using the DRACULA code.
The pulsating action of the Hydro Pulse stimulates the sweeping motion of these tiny hairs and delivers the ideal mixture of saline at the correct pressure and rate of pulsation.
Not only is the pump metering more than 99 percent accurate but in addition the pulsation free characteristics of the Seepex pump removes the need for expensive pulsation dampeners, which would be required with more traditional types of metering pumps such diaphragm, piston or peristaltic pumps.