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Then, the team tuned the delay line so that light traveling its course would arrive at the detector at the same time as the mercury-deflected light pulse did.
They measured pressure pulses against a smooth, solid wall, rather than in a slotted, contoured screen basket, to obtain more reliable measurements for comparing pulse shapes.
We see this as a pulse shrinkage when going to higher count rates.
It also must be remembered that a majority of survey respondents for this edition of the Pulse classified themselves as "property managers.
The pulse of water is triggered by the hot melt raising the cavity temperature near a thermistor beyond a threshold set for the type of plastic being molded.
Pulse is a registered trademark of Pulse Engineering Inc.
With state-of-the-art custom designs and catalog products, Pulse is a complete source for electronic OEMs, contract manufacturers, and ODMs worldwide.
The innovation preserves the optical energy of an immobile pulse.
Current pulse probing also works well when the motor is stopped and when the motor is turned off.
For longer duration pulses, the device does not switch because the magnetization rotates back to its initial direction while the pulse is on.
The board of directors stated that it is dedicated to fulfilling its fiduciary duties to Pulse stockholders.