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Oh, by the way, while you are ruining your own peace of mind and I am ruining the Bishop's, you'd better look up Mrs.
Flossie Brisk says Cyrus is ruining all the trees on his father's place cutting your name on them," said Sara Ray.
I shall not know," replied Alvarez, "that the Coldwater passes thirty; nor shall any other man aboard know it," and, with his words, he drew a revolver from his pocket, and before either I or Johnson could prevent it had put a bullet into every instrument upon the bridge, ruining them beyond repair.
Sir Mulberry Hawk was remarkable for his tact in ruining, by himself and his creatures, young gentlemen of fortune--a genteel and elegant profession, of which he had undoubtedly gained the head.
In the transmitter, pulses are initiated by a pulse generator that generates rectangular monocycle pulses with sub-nanosecond duration.
To measure how long light pulses loiter, the team split a 150-fs infrared laser pulse into two pulses and sent each along a different path to the same detector.
The form of the pressure pulse, or its shape and magnitude, determines the minimum aperture size, and the aperture size determines the capacity of the screen and the extent to which the screen can improve pulp quality.
For TiK[alpha] (which has an energy of about 4510 eV) there would be about half the counter pulse amplitude, or 217 ion pairs.
In terms of penetration, an unfiltered pulse of 200 picoseconds duration, when applied through a Fourier formula, demonstrates signal energy throughout the spectrum between DC and 5GHz.
The most significant shift in the short-term issue priorities from the last Pulse (June 2000) is the appearance of return on investments as the most important issue.
The pulse energy acts as a scoop, allowing the physician to ablate more or less tissue with each pulse, while the average power determines the rate of pulse arrival and controls the overall rate of tissue removal.
The pulse of water is triggered by the hot melt raising the cavity temperature near a thermistor beyond a threshold set for the type of plastic being molded.