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osc] in the pulse pressure measurement range up to 150 MPa at a value of k = 450.
The pulse pressure in the trained group increased immediately after being compared with the results before training.
The PWV (m/s), AIxao-75 (%), and aortic and brachial pulse pressure (mmHg) were calculated noninvasively by the same device in order to determine AS status and central haemodynamics.
The average pulse pressure (PP) in HT-D versus HT-ND was: office PP (53 [+ or -] 12 versus 58.
Our major finding was that a low-intensity active static stretching routine similar to what is commonly used in gym stretching classes, resulted in an increase in blood pressure and pulse pressure, which indirectly reflects an increase in arterial stiffness in young healthy men.
Non-invasive measurement of pulse pressure variation and systolic pressure variation using a finger cuff corresponds with intra-arterial measurement.
Pulse pressure is the numerical difference between systolic BP and diastolic BP.
Pulse pressure (PP) measurements obtained at each observation interval showed the following increases: 69% at 3 months, 65% at 6 months, and 57% at 9 months.
Pulse pressure is associated with Alzheimer biomarkers in cognitively normal older adults.
It is known that increased arterial stiffness hinders the hemodynamic buffering effect for the cardiovascular system which causes the increased systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure coronary arterial disease and left ventricular hypertrophy.