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Their carotid and femoral pulse wave velocity (PWV) was measured by ECG-gated Doppler flow.
1995) Noninvasive pulse wave analysis for the early detection of vascular disease.
Pulse wave analysis was used to assess women at prepartum and postpartum sessions or within 24 hours of antihypertensive therapy.
HDK, consisting of a main reference board embedded with a TZ1001MBG processor and a biometric sensor board that measures pulse waves and the heart's electrical activities;
Tenders are invited for Cable Fault Locator, Model No: 3039-1 Technical Specification: I Fault Distance Range :1 Km Ii Pulse Wave Form : Square Iii Pulse Voltage - 22 V Iv Fault Measurement : Plus/Minus 1 V Fault Distance Read Out : 5 Digit Seven Segment Display Vi Sensitivity: 50 Mv Vii Crt Display: 4.
Pulse wave analysis or arterial stiffness index is a good representation of endothelial function.
Pulse-width modulation utilizes a rectangular pulse wave that essentially turns the LEDs on and off for imperceptibly short periods of time, maximizing energy efficiency and power savings.
Researchers measured arterial stiffness in study subjects using pulse wave velocity (PWV), a non-invasive procedure where a pulse is emitted at two arterial sites.
This arterial stiffness, a reflection of endothelial dysfunction, is expressed in a greater carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity on ultrasound than is seen in patients with other skin diseases, said Dr.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of (1)Fully Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner With Color Doppler & Pulse Wave Doppler (2) Uv Spectrophotometer