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The friability results revealed that the pulverization ratio of MPFs is lower than pure PF and sample MPF2 had the lowest pulverization ratio (1.
Operation of the SCR pulverization system is based on air recycling, ie, the air circulates from the fan through the air cooling section, the mill and the powder cooling section to the receiver, and then back to the fan.
Sand is pushed in slugs at ver low velocities without the excessive pipe wear and sand pulverization found in conventional systems.
Failure to cling to rocks or other stable surfaces in the turbulent ocean would doom these shelly creatures to rapid pulverization.
This pulverization was the most incredible thing I could ever imagine.
Mechanochemistry is a good alternative, where reactive blending occurs in the mechanical pulverization of polymers without using any additives [107].
Moreover, solid ingot requires further pulverization to yield powder, from which the magnets are made.
Mass executions, beheadings and the pulverization of the whole settlements were the daily "work" of "moderate rebel groups" from the beginning.
Samples were sent to BIGS Laboratories, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for standard preparation (crushing, pulverization, splitting) and gold fire assay on 50g charge.
Patent 8,410,245 (April 2, 2013), "Enhancing the Physical Properties of Semi-Crystalline Polymers via Solid-State Shear Pulverization,"John M.