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In addition, into the branch pipe, designed for withdrawal of gases that formed in the process of heating and conversion of air and pulverized coal, a discharge pipe was installed for taking samples of gases, analysis of composition of which was made using the <<Gazokhrom 3101>> chromatograph.
If the material is pulverized and that ability to recognize it as C&D is gone, "our site inspectors really don't have any way of verifying that the material is appropriate.
A more than $60-million pulverized coal injection (PCI) facility built, owned and operated by a subsidiary of DTE Energy Services has begun operation at Bethlehem Steel's Sparrows Point Division near Baltimore, Md.
Cochineal, a red dye that's made from the pulverized bodies of insects, has caused severe allergic reactions in some people.
and pulverized in Germany was labeled APTR (American pulverized tread rubber) to distinguish it from PTR (pulverized tread rubber) used in earlier work (refs.
If a watched pot never boils, what happens to a pulverized one?
and Texas Pacific Group, include a commitment to withdraw permit applications for eight of eleven pulverized coal power plants proposed in Texas.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Store Items (Hollow Block (Made up of 1 Cement, Pulverized Sand/sand, 6 Metal Chips (12.
Almost 1,000 plants throughout Europe have been converted to pulverized lignite - Economic supply ensured in the long term
11, 2001, terrorist attacks contain a thin layer of metal-rich ash and pulverized debris.
Andela says that Gardenville, a San Antonio company, is taking the pulverized sand from a local MRF and using it as parking lot cover and decorative landscaping.
Lack of creativity on the part of pop artists and a number of disillusioned ``rock'' anthems pulverized a number of performers, and left others staggering.