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By November of this year, in Phase Two, American Pulverizer will have completed a 32,000-square-foot addition to its existing manufacturing facility.
Preventative maintenance and inspection of the disc coupling can be done with a strobe light--even while the pulverizer is running, instead of requiring an expensive shut-down and disassembly.
Since 1908, American Pulverizer Company has been manufacturing heavy-duty, reliable equipment to provide many years of satisfactory service.
Typically, these jaw sets include shear jaws capable of cutting steel, primary pulverizer or crusher jaws for demolition of concrete and combination shear and crusher jaws that offer contractors versatility on projects where there is a mix of structural steel and concrete in the structure, Rosengaard adds.
We used to use scales to dump 500-pound buckets of crushed coal from the bunker into rotating paddle feeders that delivered the coal to the pulverizer," recalled Fred Stavely, a senior plant engineer at the power plant.
Glass crushers/pulverizers are supplied by American Pulverizer Co.
By the early 1950s, American Pulverizer was making 60-inch-diameter shredders for processing ferrous and nonferrous scrap.
American Pulverizer Company, 5540 West Park Ave, St Louis, MO, 63110-1897 tel: 314/781-6100 fax: 314/781-9209#
American Pulverizer can build scrap metal shredders in monstrous sizes to tear through enormous quantities of automobile hulks and other forms of scrap.
The 385-employee steel and iron alloy facility casts wear parts such as cone crusher bowl liners and mantles, dragline chain, coal pulverizer tires for power plants, cooler grates for cement plants and rotor caps for auto shredders, all of which encounter enough wear and tear on the job to grind away the casting surface and require frequent replacement.