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Since the first system was installed, American Pulverizer continues to add customers to its list of 60x85 owners, with several orders in-house and many more to come.
The process, developed based on the patented Micron-Master[TM] jet pulverizer, offers superior, instant micronization with no attritional heat, no moving parts and no contamination.
Salem, OR (800) 722-3530 HAMMERMILLS American Pulverizer Co.
RPI offers a full line of steam generator designs for utility, industrial, and waste-to-energy applications, fuel firing equipment including T-fired retrofits as well as its patented low NOx dual air zone CCV coal-fired wall burner line, and various types of stokers, and pulverizers, and a complete aftermarket parts and services organization.
Mills include Mikro pulverizer, which grinds, blends, and disperses in a single dustless operation.
will also be investing in shredder upgrades, having struck a deal this March with American Pulverizer and Hustler Conveyor to purchase three 98x104 heavy-duty scrap shredding and recovery systems.
The crusher, demolition and pulverizer jaw sets are equipped with replaceable teeth that eliminate the need to build up and hardface and are fast and easy to change in the field, resulting in 10-15 percent more production time," she says.
Offers the same level of power as Gensis XP shears with the versatility of a pulverizer and a shear
Manufactures granulator knives and pulverizer disks.
The multi-jawed attachment has both pulverizer and shear jaw sets.